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What Should Be Happening Post Referendum

Delay and uncertainty are the two biggest threats that our economy faces at the present. The longer we go without the first steps of a BREXIT plan and without the actions and good news that will follow the more time … Continue reading

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The Prospects for UK Economic Growth outside the EU are Brilliant

The Prospects for growth in the UK economy outside the EU are good despite the Remain campaign’s claim that 9 out of 10 economists support remaining – a statistic that is not true since out of over 4,000 economists polled … Continue reading

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The EU Was Not Responsible for Creating our Rights – We Were!

Civil liberty and freedoms, democratic representative government and the right to innocence unless proven guilty were either invented, or adopted and improved, in England over the 1200 or so years from their starting point in Anglo-Saxon England to the present … Continue reading

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Is the EU a Facist State?

If it is then my Vision for England is not possible. My Vision of an England Out of the EU Leaving the EU will allow us in England to get back the human and legal rights we gained from the … Continue reading

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The Coming EU Economic Train Crash

The truth is that the economic foundations of the EU are currently built on sand. Their efforts to alter this are already known. They include: eventually taking over the national government budgets of ALL EU countries, whether they are in … Continue reading

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“Cui Bono” or Who Benefits? The Banks? Big Business? Politicians? Or Us The People

Big business, banks, the IMF, politicians and some economists and Trade Unionists all tell us we must remain in the EU. But can we trust them? Have they ever acted on our behalf or has it always been for┬átheir own … Continue reading

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