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Labour’s Flakey Policies; Will They Never Learn?

Labour’s announced policies for their conference starting today are a last ditch attempt to scam you, The English electorate. In fact they are total rubbish and here is why! Minimum Wage (Or is it) Ed Balls has said that Labour … Continue reading

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The Only Fair Constitutional Settlement For All Is The Same Settlement For All!

We must put an end to the outrageously racist approach to constitutional settlements in the UK. I say racist because heretofore any settlement has used racial characteristics like ethnicity or identity for determining who gets what settlement, if any. [Tweet … Continue reading

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An English Parliament – The Least Cost Approach to Governance in England!

The fact is that some of us English fail to think deeply on important topics, and that some prefer to use the English language to deceive the rest of us, as is shown in the phrase: “An English parliament would … Continue reading

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The Nasty & Vicious European Arrest Warrant Must Go!

The EU Arrest Warant (EUARWAR) was created in the wake of  of the 9/11 terrorist attack in Manhattan. It was justified as a tool for bringing terrorist to justice. That is not how it has been used in the UK … Continue reading

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Blatant Discrimination Against Immigrants on the Island of Pathos.

Report of the United  Partners of Young & Old Unemployed Radicals on the anti-immigration policy of the Island of Pathos in 2013 Published June 2014 By order of the World Institute of Non-Coercive Employment Introduction Under the direction of WINCE … Continue reading

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So, Nick Clegg Does Not Know What British Values Are!

On the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Today’ of 10 June 2014 Nick Clegg was unable to answer a direct question from the presenter. That question was “What are British Values”! It is because people like Nick Clegg are unable to … Continue reading

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