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The Only Fair Constitutional Settlement For All Is The Same Settlement For All!

We must put an end to the outrageously racist approach to constitutional settlements in the UK. I say racist because heretofore any settlement has used racial characteristics like ethnicity or identity for determining who gets what settlement, if any. [Tweet … Continue reading

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An English Parliament – The Least Cost Approach to Governance in England!

The fact is that some of us English fail to think deeply on important topics, and that some prefer to use the English language to deceive the rest of us, as is shown in the phrase: “An English parliament would … Continue reading

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Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester 1208 – 1265AD

In September 2012 the English Democrats, tired of waiting for Parliament to the People of England their democratic right of Self Determination, called for a Parliament for England to be held in September 2013 On 21st September 2013 the English … Continue reading

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