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The Prospects for UK Economic Growth outside the EU are Brilliant

The Prospects for growth in the UK economy outside the EU are good despite the Remain campaign’s claim that 9 out of 10 economists support remaining – a statistic that is not true since out of over 4,000 economists polled … Continue reading

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Labour’s Flakey Policies; Will They Never Learn?

Labour’s announced policies for their conference starting today are a last ditch attempt to scam you, The English electorate. In fact they are total rubbish and here is why! Minimum Wage (Or is it) Ed Balls has said that Labour … Continue reading

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Why Clegg Is Right And Cameron Wrong

In the recent coalition spat Cameron and Clegg have shown totally different views to privilege – even though both of them appear to have benefited equally from privilege in the past. Apparently great advantage accrues to young men and women … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Time For The CBI To Stop Whinging?

James Boxall reported in the 1st October 2010 Kindle edition of the Financial times that the CBI has said that the new rules restricting foreign workers from outside the EU must be reviewed. Why? Put simply it is because the … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown And His Rich Friends

I received the following email message from Frank Roseman, the English Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster ( Interestingly it looks as though Gordon is a snob, always toadying up to the wealthy. “Just a … Continue reading

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Quantitative Easing 2

I initially planned to post this in November. However the economic outlook was confused at the time, typical of a turn in the economy, and since I wanted to encourage readers to make their own decision I decided to wait … Continue reading

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