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Labour’s Flakey Policies; Will They Never Learn?

Labour’s announced policies for their conference starting today are a last ditch attempt to scam you, The English electorate. In fact they are total rubbish and here is why! Minimum Wage (Or is it) Ed Balls has said that Labour … Continue reading

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An English Parliament – The Least Cost Approach to Governance in England!

The fact is that some of us English fail to think deeply on important topics, and that some prefer to use the English language to deceive the rest of us, as is shown in the phrase: “An English parliament would … Continue reading

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Has the BBC Deleted the “English Renaissance”?

I have just finished watching the three-part BBC series “A Very British Renaissance”. It contained nothing unexpected, that is to say nothing a good English education 50 years ago would not have contained. But it was a story engagingly presented … Continue reading

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Political Correctness in Rotherham

The recent scandalous treatment in Rotherham of foster parents who belonged to a political party who were against mass immigration from the EU, because such a policy is, incorrectly, held to be racist is an all too common example of … Continue reading

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No Stone Unturned. Really?

The noble lord whose name appears on this report has clearly not lost his vigour, nor indeed some of his common sense. His call to devolve from Westminster £58bn in English spending is of course correct. His means of doing … Continue reading

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Banking Regulation – A Revisitation

On the 27th September 2009 I made a speech to the English Democrats AGM and autumn conference entitled ”  The ABC of Banking Regulation” ( I made the speech because as I said, “It [the bank crisis] happened because we … Continue reading

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