Labour’s Flakey Policies; Will They Never Learn?

Labour’s announced policies for their conference starting today are a last ditch attempt to scam you, The English electorate. In fact they are total rubbish and here is why!

Minimum Wage (Or is it)

Ed Balls has said that Labour will increase the minimum wage to £8.00 an hour. But this is only by 2020! With inflation of 3% a year the current minimum wage would be £7.76 by then. So the labour promise amounts to 24p in six years! If you feel you are being scammed you are right to do so.

Since 2010 by 1 October this year the minimum wage will have risen by 10%, around twice the rate at which privates sector wages will have risen. That means the low paid have seen some protection in their earnings.

If you think you have heard this before you have! “The national minimum wage will rise each year between 2010 and 2014 (external website) if Labour wins the 2010 general election, according to Gordon Brown in his speech to the Labour party conference in Brighton yesterday (Tuesday 29 September 2009).”

If we are going to improve things the English Democrats would consider moving to the Living Wage. A living wage is a wage that is high enough to maintain a decent standard of living (adequate food, shelter, and other necessities). It also takes into account variations in cost of living across the country. It is currently £8.80 per hour in London and £7.65 for the rest of the UK. For more information go to

Child Benefit

Labour have come up with a showcase policy to cut the £75 billion budget deficit that Tory economic mismanagement has created. Their policy will, possibly, save £400 million or 5% of the deficit!. What is this cunning plan?

It is a REAL TERMS cut in child benefit. A benefit that is paid to women to help them feed and clothe the children and which is an important benefit to those in the “squeezed middle” and which the highest earners do not get. Brilliant!

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A 5% Cut to Ministers’ Salaries.

Wow! This effort to reduce the £75 billion Tory budget deficit is so small that it isn’t even worthwhile calculating the percentage.

Cutting the Budget Deficit.

How? No word on that. Don’t the People of England have a right to know what expenditures will be cut? And whose expenditures?

England has already seen greater percentage cuts in local government expenditure than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Will the Scots, Welsh and Irish now take the brunt with a 25%+ cut in their grants or will the England’s taxpayers pay up again with the loss of even more of their services and even higher council tax bills?

Let us not forget that Scotland has frozen their council taxes for years but can still afford free prescriptions, free university education and free personal care for the elderly. How does that work?

The English Issue

Labour are desperately trying to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) over English devolution by claiming that it is a complex issues that will take years to get right. This is absolute rubbish. Why?

In fact we can give the same, fair, settlement to all four nation and  have an Act of Parliament  put it into effect by Christmas. To see how read my blog “The Only Fair Constitutional Settlement for All, Is the Same Constitutional for All”

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