Political Correctness in Rotherham

The recent scandalous treatment in Rotherham of foster parents who belonged to a political party who were against mass immigration from the EU, because such a policy is, incorrectly, held to be racist is an all too common example of political correctness in action in England today.

The English Democrats have a policy of not allowing mass immigration but only allowing immigration to fill jobs that cannot be filled by resident British citizens.

This policy applies to all people from all countries. It is not a policy about restricting people based on their race or ethnicity or cultural identity.

Despite this the English Democrats are accused of being racist and bigoted. The Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, even made that accusation about us during the recent P&CC elections even though our Cambridgeshire candidate is happily married to a West African immigrant!

Local authorities are temples to political correctness and woe betide the career and job prospects of any local authority worker who does not whole heartedly buy into and actively promote Political Correctness in their job.

It is no wonder then that local authority staff act in the manner that happened in Rotherhan when they are told these untruths by our MPs, their own bosses and their local councillors.

Their politically correct actions supported by a feeling of self-rightousness are carried out and approved by their managers no matter what injustice they cause because those who are politically correct arrogantly believe their actions are above the law.

The English Democrats have, for years, been against political correctness for just this reason – in the long run it make a peaceful society impossible to sustain, institutionalises injustice and mocks our liberties.

If YOU want to stamp out political correctness in Rotherham or in your part of the country you must vote for the English Democrats and help us achieve this. Voting for Respect, UKIP, BNP, Labour, the Liberal Democrats of the Conservatives will not accomplish this.

The English Democrats are currently supporting a legal action against the Mersyside police because they, it is alleged, despite the fact that one of their politically correct actions has for years been illegal, insisted on wrongfully arresting the English Democrat P&CC candidate who objected to it.

When it is within their means, or powers, the English Democrats will fight political correctness wherever they find it.

Arrogance, Political Correctness is thy name!

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