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Labour’s Flakey Policies; Will They Never Learn?

Labour’s announced policies for their conference starting today are a last ditch attempt to scam you, The English electorate. In fact they are total rubbish and here is why! Minimum Wage (Or is it) Ed Balls has said that Labour … Continue reading

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Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester 1208 – 1265AD

In September 2012 the English Democrats, tired of waiting for Parliament to the People of England their democratic right of Self Determination, called for a Parliament for England to be held in September 2013 On 21st September 2013 the English … Continue reading

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This Golden Thread

What follows are the notes for my talk “This Golden Thread” given to the English Democrats AGM and Conference in St Albans on the 22 September 2013. In my research I used mainly wikipedia and information from Robert Henderson’s blog. … Continue reading

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Why The People of England Will Decide The Outcome For Scottish Independence!

The people of Scotland have elected a government that, as part of its election manifesto, said that it would hold a referendum on Scotland leaving the UK. They should be allowed to do so unhindered by a panicking Westminster establishment. … Continue reading

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The Price Of Freedom

Seven score and eight years ago a man spoke to dedicate the cemetery on a battlefield which had seen over 46,000 casualties including nearly 8,000 killed. He pointed out that the living could not dedicate that place since the dead … Continue reading

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Only English MPs Voting On English Matters!!*

It isn’t just David Cameron schmoozing this idea. Now POWER2010 http://www.power2010.org.uk have jumped on the bandwagon whilst engaging in a very worthwhile exercise in deliberative democracy. That deliberative democracy is not the solution to our current woes, that it is … Continue reading

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