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Blatant Discrimination Against Immigrants on the Island of Pathos.

Report of the UnitedĀ  Partners of Young & Old Unemployed Radicals on the anti-immigration policy of the Island of Pathos in 2013 Published June 2014 By order of the World Institute of Non-Coercive Employment Introduction Under the direction of WINCE … Continue reading

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Hedge Funds Rampant!

The Financial Times of the 28th May 2012 carried what I find to be a worrying report (http://on.ft.com/K2S8Z2) by Mr Savouri the chief economist of London-based Toscafund. The report appears to be very bullish. It opines that in the medium … Continue reading

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Why Clegg Is Right And Cameron Wrong

In the recent coalition spat Cameron and Clegg have shown totally different views to privilege – even though both of them appear to have benefited equally from privilege in the past. Apparently great advantage accrues to young men and women … Continue reading

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Cuts! What Cuts?

The battle is ragingĀ  fiercely. The usual tools of generalisation, casuistics, feeble and sometimes misleading statistics, are being brought into play. Riding in to help the beleaguered coalition is, believe it or not, the Guardian newspaper! Simon Jenkins has pointed … Continue reading

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