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So, Nick Clegg Does Not Know What British Values Are!

On the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Today’ of 10 June 2014 Nick Clegg was unable to answer a direct question from the presenter. That question was “What are British Values”! It is because people like Nick Clegg are unable to … Continue reading

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The English Bac!

Michael Gove has decided that that there will be a new qualification. The English Bac, awarded to students with good passes in English, maths, science, a language, and history or geography. Why this choice of subjects? Where is the Latin … Continue reading

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Shutting Out The Smaller Political Parties

Imagine that you are getting to the end of a not very good meal at your local restaurant. The dessert menu has arrived and you see that only ice cream is still available. Worse still there are only three flavours, … Continue reading

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B>gg?r The English?

Westminster is in a mess.The Economy is a mess. The war in Afghanistan is a mess. And British politicians in the main parties do what comes naturally. They dump on the English. So the heavenly duo (they come from up … Continue reading

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