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Why does England have “Trial By Jury” and why are we loosing it?

Whilst taking part in a recent Politics Hour programme on BBC Three Counties radio I was surprised when one of us (a barrister) held that the jury trial system was due to Magna Carta, first sealed in 1215 AD. As … Continue reading

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So, Nick Clegg Does Not Know What British Values Are!

On the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Today’ of 10 June 2014 Nick Clegg was unable to answer a direct question from the presenter. That question was “What are British Values”! It is because people like Nick Clegg are unable to … Continue reading

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Banking Regulation – A Revisitation

On the 27th September 2009 I made a speech to the English Democrats AGM and autumn conference entitled ”  The ABC of Banking Regulation” (http://bit.ly/u2vCYM). I made the speech because as I said, “It [the bank crisis] happened because we … Continue reading

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City Bonuses Are Not Enough!

The Financial Times reported today that 35% of City professionals were dissatisfied by the size of their bonus! Apparently some 79% of them got a bonus this year, paid out of a bonus pool of £7 billion which was much … Continue reading

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The National Identity of England is English, Mr Cameron!

Mr Cameron will be the second leader of an EU country to say that multiculturalism is dead. The first was Angela Merkel. Why is that? After all it has been the bedrock of government policy for 30 years. The reasons … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Time For The CBI To Stop Whinging?

James Boxall reported in the 1st October 2010 Kindle edition of the Financial times that the CBI has said that the new rules restricting foreign workers from outside the EU must be reviewed. Why? Put simply it is because the … Continue reading

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