The Nasty & Vicious European Arrest Warrant Must Go!

The EU Arrest Warant (EUARWAR) was created in the wake of  of the 9/11 terrorist attack in Manhattan. It was justified as a tool for bringing terrorist to justice.

That is not how it has been used in the UK nor elsewhere in Europe. Only days ago we witnessed a couple, who had committed no offence, put in a Spanish prison and separated from their very ill child as a result of some idiot in the UK issuing a EUARWAR for their arrest. This is not justice, it was never capable of being justified as being inline with the wording and spirit of Magna Carta and for this reason alone it should be abolished as it stands.

Westminster politicians like Cameron, Clegg and Milliband support the EUARWAR because it allows criminals to be quickly extradited and brought to justice. This is of course the sort of half truth that that this merry trio of mendacious pickpockets (its your pocket they pick) assert. It is in fact used to control people’s freedom and the right to free speech by the Politically Correct Brigade, of whom the aforementioned three are the leaders.

This is not the first abuse of authority involving the EUARWAR and its abolition in English law or its complete reform must be undertaken. What form could reform take?

Well first it should only be usable in the case of serious crime having been committed. I would define a serious crime as one where the possibility of a fine does not exist and the minimum prison  sentence available to the judge is 12 months, but perhaps it should be higher.

In the case of financial or white collar crime I would restrict its use to that where more than £100,000 in cash, goods or services has been taken. In all other cases the normal extradition process should be used with the provision that a crime must have been committed.

What would you do?






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